Every additional 2 hours is only $10 extra!

4 day rental
DIY and Save
Fri - Mon
Best Value
MORE INFO Pick up your unit on Friday
and return it on Monday.

That's 4 days of fun for a great value!

Simply change the delivery type to
Customer Pickup upon checkout
8 hour price*
$70 2nd Best Value
6 hour price*
$60 3rd Best Value
4 hour price*
$50 4th Best Value
*Includes set up and take down of inflatables.
Excludes taxes. Delivery fee dependent upon location.

Concession machines come with a 5ft cord.

NOTICE: Vending machines cannot be ordered alone but must be ordered with an inflatable or game.

We will not deliver vending machines by themselves. However concessions may be ordered alone as a customer pickup.Thank You.

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